Our objectives

We encourage rural communities and practice. We want to be a voice for the rural community in Europe and its neighbours and share stories and examples of good practice in rural churches and networks. We also try to relate Christian faith and hope to rural life and bring a European perspective to the worldwide work of IRCA.

To fulfil our aims and purpose, the Leadership arranges a four-yearly conference which brings together members of the network to reflect together on a theme and to share ideas and experiences. These conferences provide new insights and inspiration from both the formal sessions and the informal conversations around meals. Together we learn about different contexts and the challenges facing rural communities in our countries – and the ideas and projects which are bringing hope and transformation. These conferences take place between the worldwide IRCA conferences, which also run on a four-yearly cycle.

Between conferences, IRCA-Europe also provides a forum for support and sharing information, resources and ideas through the website, email links and personal contacts between members of the Leadership Group. This is circulated within rural church networks in the countries we represent.