The family farm: using strength, master challenges (German)

Authors: Maike Aselmeier, Rolf Brauch, Thomas Dietrich, Eva-Maria Schüle

Family farms are a strong construction. But when you live and work together as a family, conflicts are bound to happen. Work overload, handing over the farm and conflict of generations lead to tensions under which all or at least some parts of the family suffer. The different views and roadmaps presented in the book might help to start relevant changes. Expert family counselors help you to train perspective and communication, evaluation of the family and the farm, recognize and implement potentials, so that everybody feels all right.

Der landwirtschaftliche Familienbetrieb: Stärken nutzen, Herausforderungen meistern (Amazon)


The new village: living diversity, local production, cooperation with nature and neighbors (German)

AUTHOR: Ralf Otterpohl 

The new village: Hunderts of small farms produce high quality food and upgrade the land, small companies produce a wide range of goods, cultural and educational institutions provide for the population, tourism brings live in to the village – and all that within the boundaries of one farm! New villages provide a good income, a self-determined live, contribute to  the permanente supply of the cities. Not only a “good life” for the individual becomes possible: build-up of humus, permaculture and eco-friendly production sustain a balanced climate. The “New village” is a creative synthesis of city and village, it provides alternatives to the live in anonymity in the big cities and to the alienation by wage-related work. You´ll find examples from all over the world, as well as practical tipps regarding location, planning and production possibilities.

Das neue Dorf: Vielfalt leben, lokal produzieren, mit Natur und Nachbarn kooperieren (Amazon)